Why Are The Giants Performing So Poorly This Season?

by Hannah Miller

Even after picking up their first win on Monday Night Football against the Minnesota Vikings, one of the major storylines in the NFL this season is just how bad the New York Giants have been. Quarterback Eli Manning is getting the bulk of the blame, but there is more to it than that when it comes to a 1-6 start. So what other players are not living up to fantasy football predictions from an individual standpoint?

While most fantasy football leagues do not draft individual defenses, collectively the Giants have been terrible on defense. Most of that is due to the lack of a pass rush, which gives quarterbacks all the time in the world to find their targets. The pass rush was not there against Minnesota, but Josh Freeman was simply not good enough to take advantage of the extra time.

Special teams counts with defense in fantasy football as well, and they have been horrendous all season long. They gave up the lone touchdown against the Vikings on a punt return. They also fumbled another return which gave Minnesota a little bit of life.

On offense, Manning has been bad, even if last time out he avoided throwing any interceptions. Ten touchdowns and 15 interceptions through seven games is simply not going to get it done. Chemistry has been an issue all season long, and with tough defenses coming up on the schedule, it could get really difficult for Manning and his core receivers coming up.

Finally, the lack of a solid running game all season long has really made life difficult for the Giants. Brandon Jacobs, Da'Rel Scott and David Wilson are the three running backs with the most fantasy football points, and all are injured. That leaves them with Peyton Hillis and Michael Cox as their two ball carriers for the time being. Neither are going to put the Giants over the top, which means that even if they are only three games out of the division lead, they are not contenders in 2013. Barring a miracle, this will be a rebuilding season for the G-Men.

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