Summing Up The Deron Williams Trade

The trade that sent shockwaves all over Jersey Shore at the trade deadline has New Jersians excited after losing out on the Carmelo Anthony drama sweepstakes.

Some basketball analysts even went as far to say the Knicks would have been better off with Deron Williams than Carmelo Anthony. The Utah Jazz definitely pulled a fast one on the league.

My first initial reaction was, “Damn, D-Will was on the market?” It’s a fair assumption to say not many people saw this happening. It only cost the Nets two first round draft picks, 28 year old Devin Harris and his modest 9 million dollar contract a year plus prized rookie Derrick Favors. It’s safe to say the Nets mortgaged their future with this trade.

One slight problem here; Deron Williams can still opt out after next season. Talk about a catastrophe. If Williams opts out this would be yet another dreadful decision from a team that’s used to playing second fiddle to their cross river rival, the New York Knicks.

I found the “$3 million” that was sent to be a little comedic, seeing that the Nets are ranked 30th in the league in attendance and perennial losers in this category, meanwhile the Jazz are ranked 7th in attendance. Obviously having Mikhail Prokhorov’s billions has a little something to do with that.

As for now, the Deron Williams trade is a great rebuttal to an otherwise unsuccessful stint of chasing free agents even though this was done via trade.

With around $21 million expected to be shed off their cap next year, the Nets have the parts and maybe now the desire to draw free agents. A core of Deron Williams and Brook Lopez will definitely have them in a better position next year.

For Nets fans, the worst fear they may encounter is year 2012. This is when Deron Williams and Brook Lopez can leave the Nets for greener pastures if they so choose. This is why this move comes as a surprise and can certainly leave the Nets lifeless in what’s suppose to be a day to celebrate the much anticipated move to Brooklyn.

In the meantime the Nets sit 9 ½ games behind 8th place Indiana with 24 games left to play. It appears the Nets will end up giving up their first round pick this year, which isn’t lottery protected. Meaning the Nets gave up a very solid point guard in Devin Harris (in his prime), Derrick Favors, and most likely a top 10 pick in this year’s NBA draft. If that’s not enough, they also threw in the Golden State first round pick they have which is top 7 lottery protected.

Net fans, let’s hope this move wasn’t out of desperation. On the surface this feels like a panic move to counter the failures to lure free agents. Patience is a virtue and there is no need trying to compete with the New York Knicks acquisitions. Prokhorov seems more intrigued with competing with the Knicks than building a franchise. As for now, let’s enjoy the talents of Deron Williams.

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