Knicks Trade Imminent

Finally a trade will be taking place in New York that involves the New York Knicks! Well just not the trade New Yorkers were hoping for that would be involving Carmelo Anthony. According to ESPN's Chris Broussard the Knicks will indeed be trading F/C Anthony Randolph within the next two weeks to either Minnesota, Indiana or Portland for a first-round pick. This seems to be prerequisite in the potential aforementioned Camelo Anthony Deal.

My take on this is very lucid: The faster we get rid of Anthony Randolph the quicker this Carmelo trade is going to take place. It is abundantly obvious that it's a matter of when, not if, Carmelo gets traded.

With this said, it is crucial the Knicks don't lose out on Carmelo Anthony as they did in the LeBron James sweepstakes. The Knicks have shown they can hang with the beasts of the east, but cannot slay them. Evidence of the Knicks porous record (2-5) against the elite teams of the east (Celtics, Heat, Magic, Bulls) with their only wins coming against the Chicago Bulls. Their inability to consistently win games they should also has been a hindrance in them jumping to the elite category.

The common argument against the Knicks Trading for Melo now is the fact the Knicks could actually get him in free agency instead of trading for him, essentially not having to get rid of their assets. It's a simple paradox that could very well come true. My argument against this is if Carmelo has his heart set on playing in New York and the Knicks don't pursue him he may jump to the New Jersey Nets. Not to mention if you throw out a lineup of Felton, Fields, Gallo/Chandler (depending on which one gets traded) Carmelo and Stoudemire, who's to say the Knicks couldn't cause some trouble in the East?

The ideal situation for New York would be if Carmelo is traded to the Nets and he refuses to sign a long term contract extension. The Nuggets would then be forced to trade him to New York. The Knicks could then offer very little. Denver, rather then losing him for nothing via free agency, would have to take whatever they could get from the Knicks. The Knicks could then go over that cap and re-sign restricted free agent Wilson Chandler.

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I'm going to get hypothetical here for a second. Say the Knicks pull of a deal with Denver and it costs them Danilo Gallinari, Eddy Curry, Landry Fields and the first-round pick the Knicks would receive in the Randolph trade. They re-sign Wilson Chandler next year and you have built a perfect style of ball for D'Antoni's system. Throw in the fact Boston will be another year older, the Orlando Magic have a ton of bad contracts with aging swing players and no backup center, the Knicks could rival the Heat in what would be a throwback to the late 90s supremacy to who comes out of the East.

Of course the Denver Nuggets seemed to be riding this out, exhausting every last possible trade scenario before making a deal. It seems apparent the Knicks probably will have to get a third team involved as well. Patience undoubtedly will play a key role here, but for the Knicks you cannot afford to strike out here. In other words do what it takes to bring in Carmelo Anthony.

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