Knicks Can Win This Year

Sunday’s emotional win against the Miami Heat may be the highlight of the season thus far. In fact it probably set off a freeze on social networks and message boards for the most “The Knicks are back,” related posts. Now on to Orlando to face yet another potential first round matchup against the Magic.

What the win over the Miami Heat did was jet set this franchise into some serious “how far could this team go” talk. I have had enough with these so called NBA “analysts” that are mostly made up of players come out and say the Knicks got better but it won’t change anything for this year and first round is still their ceiling. REALLY? For every Jon Barry, Michael Wilbon and Tim Legler comment I hear about the Knicks not making it past the first round this year, I want to throw in a “You really don’t know what you’re talking about” declaration.

Let me explain; The Knicks are 2-2 against the Heat this season and 2-0 against the Bulls this season. Two losses by a combined 6 points to the Boston Celtics and a nine point loss at Orlando earlier this year without Carmelo Anthony and a foul plagued game by Amar’e Stoudemire round up the rest of the Knicks games against the elite teams of the East. If we indulge deeper into the Magic game, the Knicks won every quarter except the second as well.

The next argument I will counter with right now is how the playoffs are a different game, very true. In fact undeniably true. Again I’d counter with the playoff experience the Knicks actually have. Chauncey Billups is a two-time NBA finals participant and MVP of one. Stoudemire and Carmelo have both played in the Western Conference Finals, and both have countless playoff games under their belts.

I know chemistry and playing together really are a factor, but Billups and Anthony already have played together and now the only tough part is trying to incorporate Stoudemire. In case anyone is wondering, the big three down in Miami only have 50 more games on the Knicks three. Don’t forget they didn’t have a training camp together either with the injuries.

I’d argue to say the Knicks big three will have an easier time adjusting to playing with each other and learning the system then the Miami Heat’s scenario. My reasoning; the SSOL offense D’Antoni has implemented. I’m no NBA baller, but I’m pretty sure there isn’t an NBA player around that will have a hard time adjusting to shooting the ball when they’re open no matter how much time is left on the shot clock.

They don’t run a ton of offensive sets, it’s mainly high pick and rolls, and now isolation plays for Carmelo Anthony. Yes, new wrinkles and motion sets are ran, but it’s still sticks with the principle of shooting the first open shot you have.

It bewilders me how so many NBA analysts and fans are writing off the Knicks this year in terms of making any sort of push to contend in the East. I’ll try not to be a homer or even delusional here, but the Knicks have a pretty good big three with playoff experience. They have plenty of games left to get acclimated with each other.

Landry Fields and Toney Douglas will only get better. Bill Walker was a top recruit before injuries let him slip in the draft and also has potential to play a role. The Knicks may not make it to the second round, but it’s not farfetched to think they couldn’t beat the Chicago Bulls in a first round matchup. The Heat aren’t unbeatable either as the Knicks have shown they can win against them.

Many fans and “experts” are looking forward to the Knicks in the future. I say I’m looking forward to them right now.

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