Interesting Facts You Didn't Know about Baseball

Baseball. Everyone loves it. But, there is more to this game than meets the eye. There are some cool and interesting facts about baseball that you probably don't know. Although the baseball season has ended, that doesn't mean that your fix has to end there.

Let's take a look at some interesting facts about baseball.

What Are the Chances?

Did you know that the chances of being hit in the face with a ball at a game are 300,000 to 1?

The Ground Rule Triple

While the double is well known to baseball fans, there is a ground rule triple too. This is called into play when a player tries to use his hat to stop the ball. This is usually done on the ground and in the air. Using a hat means that penalties are incurred. Usually, three bases are given to the batter and the runners.

Big Trade Offs

In 1957, the biggest baseball trade ever occurred. The LA Dodgers and Chicago Cubs traded their minor league teams. Not just people, the whole team!

How Long Does a Baseball Last?

A baseball only lasts six pitches at MLB level. This is changed every six pitches due to the dirt that is in ground into the ball. But, sometimes, it's because of the damage that is suffered. Did you know that one game can use up to six dozen balls? Over 90 balls are needed for a single game. That's a phenomenal number.

Baseball Gloves

There is a cool infographic on the net that tells you how baseball gloves are made. Did you know that the mitts are made from a combination of machinery and hand work? That's an impressive feat considering how many baseball gloves are made on an annual basis.

Infographic By Capire Glove

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