Carmelo Anthony Deal Done?

By now we have heard every rumor possible in the never ending Carmelo Anthony saga. Apparently the newest rumor is there will be a deal set for next week according to David Aldridge of Nets fans, some words of advice here; don't get your hopes up. I think I speak for us all when I say "We have been down this road before".

I understand the nuances that are holding this deal up, but if reports are true and the New Jersey Nets are reluctant to take back Al Harrington's remaining 4 years 28 million dollar contract, then that is just absurd. Hello! You just signed Travis Outlaw to a 5 year $35 million contract! Again I'm not fully aware of the parameters of the deal but it would seem to me that it is a touch on the contrary side.

Nets fans be aware of the possible ramifications resulting if this deal takes place. The Nets would be receiving 34 year old Chauncey Billups, and soon to be 33 year old Rip Hamilton. The general consensus would indicate both of these players may have one, possibly two years left at best to perform at a high level.

Not to mention that he has stated that he wants a long term contract or he would prefer a buyout from the Nets.

Carmelo being involved may be indeed worth making the trade especially considering you can pair him up with Brook Lopez and lead a dynamic one-two punch the next 7 or 8 years. If I'm Billy King I am not trading the draft picks that I have accumulated, Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, and Troy Murphy's expiring $11 million deal for two players on the outskirts of their prime even if it includes possibly a top five NBA player.

Hypothetically speaking, what are the Nets with a lineup of Billups, Rip, Melo, Humphries, and Lopez? At best a fifth seed. They’re still not beating the Celtics, Heat, Magic, or the Bulls. My subjective opinion would be to trade for Melo but tone the deal down a bit. There is no need for a huge three-team trade to take place. Offer the Nuggets two of your lower first round picks, Derrick Favors, and Troy Murphy. Additionally if I'm the Nets I do not want to make the playoffs this year.

Add another lottery pick to this team and center it around the nucleus of Carmelo Anthony, Brook Lopez, and Devin Harris and you have better potential then you did with two aging guard players at the end of their prime. Add to the fact you now have options in which you could trade your next years lottery pick with some other pieces added in to bring back a star quality player and the Nets may be sitting with a stud lineup all in their 20s.

Memo to Billy King: Adding two players with a lot of miles and reaching the end of their prime isn't going to get us to the top of the mountain. This is a 10-28 Nets team. Any Carmelo trade may get the Nets to a 7th or 8th see in the Easter Conference, but surely doesn’t put them with the likes of the Heat, Celtics, Orlando or even the Bulls. Trading multiple first round picks and expiring contract could set the Nets back in the long run. Especially if they have to take on a big contract.

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