Can The Jets Pull Off The Upset of the Patriots?

The New York Jets will be taking their show to the road this Sunday against the much hated New England Patriots. As if this rivalry needed any more fuel added to the fire, there was some more added when Antonio Cromartie called Tom Brady an "---hole," according to the New York Daily News.

The fact that the Jets don't care about what is said through the media and the old adage "chalk board" material tells you that they are not afraid of this 14-2 New England Patriots team. Confidence is great, but they surely better back this up contrary to their 45-3 beating they took a little over a month ago.

Not being a homer here, but I believe the Jets can go into Gillette Stadium and pull off the upset. The swagger and confidence they are displaying is almost a paradox considering the whooping that took place December 6th. All signs point towards another New England playoff victory. However, being the clever optimist I am, I think the Jets have more than a punchers chance and here is why:

First the Jets have the corners in Cromartie and Revis to shut down the short passing game that is a key component in how the Patriots run their offense. Of course this is always easier said than done. However it's fair to say the Jets are more than capable of doing this. Tom Brady doesn’t make many mistakes, so if there comes an opportunity to make a turnover the Jets better capitalize. Seems like a general consensus right? Wrong.

The Jets love to blitz. If they start blitzing and trying to create turnovers this will open up big plays for Brady and company. The Jets are nowhere close to being the blitzing team they were last year. Be patient stack the box to counter the short passing game not try and get pressure on Brady by sending extra guys. That was Rex Ryan’s secret to beating Peyton Manning. He blitzed less and allowed his cornerbacks to make the plays.

The Jets need to establish a running game early. If they can get LaDanian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene going early it will set up the play action pass for Sanchez. If the Jets can get their speedy receivers in Edwards and Holmes involved this team is very capable of putting up points. Barring an Edwards drop, of course.

Another thing the Jets have to do is try to take away the Patriots’ run game. If they can stuff the run and make the Patriots a pass happy team I think they have a good chance of pulling off the upset. Easier said than done, I know.

I expect to see some more verbal jabs back and forth in the coming days before the game. The New York tabloids love to print them. Just don’t count out these Jets just yet.

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